Thompson Crowdfunding

Thompson is a leading provider of clinical and prevention services for children and families across the Carolinas. The Charlotte, N.C.-based, nationally accredited nonprofit agency changes the lives of at-risk children and families through therapy, education and prevention-based care. Thompson has four locations specializing in clinical and behavioral treatment, developmental education and proactive care. Thompson strengthens children, families, and communities through healing, teaching, worship, and play.


On this site you can:

-Discover limited-time projects launched by Thompson staff and friends

-Make tax-deductible donations using a convenient and secure online form

-Share projects with other advocates to help generate even greater interest for the campaign

-Keep tabs on progress made towards goals and stay up-to-date on the impact made with your philanthropy

Thompson FAQ

Why should someone contribute?


There are a number of reasons why you might contribute, but feeling passionate about the project and how your gift will help change our community is certainly a big reason. Your gift, whether big or small, supports Thompson and our efforts to do more for our children and families.

Are gifts tax-deductible?

Absolutely! All gifts to Thompson crowdfunding projects are tax-deductible. For your records, Thompson's federal taxpayer ID number for donations is 56-0547460.